May I expect to get proper information about tickets availability and their price through your service?

We guarantee that information about available tickets and their prices is always up-to-date. Each time you are searching for tickets our system transmits the request online directly to the systems of airline companies and ticket agencies. You always get up-to-date and valid information.

How can I change information in my booking?

Our search engine helps you to find tickets for your and to order flights paying for them favorable prices. All payment and booking operations are made between you and our partners (airline companies and ticket offices). If you want to change some details you will have to address to the agencies or airline companies the service of which you want to use.

May I order tickets in business class?

Yes, it is possible. Just place a mark about it in the form of tickets' search as in auto mode are shown offers namely in economy class.

How can I get tickets that I have ordered?

First ticket registration and payment on the web-site of agency or airline company takes place. Then you receive e-mail with flight details and booking confirmation. If you haven't received it, check the "Spam" folder: maybe e-mail client has blocked the message. If you still haven't received the confirmation, please, contact the company that renders services for the flight you need.

Which document will I need to get on the route?

You will needpassport, for travelling to another country or Identity document – if you do not leave your country. If you are travelling with children you will have to present birth certificates. We recommend to print and take together with passport itinerary receipt though it is not necessary to show it. During passport control and also in other, but very rare cases, you may need it.

May I book a ticket by making you a call?

At present moment we do not have such a service. You may book ticker over the phone by addressing directly to airline company or agency that is selling tickets you need.

I want to take with me in a pet or bicycle. Where can I find if this is allowed?

It would be right if you will address to the representative of airline company ticket of which you are going to buy: you will be supplied with all necessary information. The rules of pets and oversized baggage transportation may differ among different companies.

How much baggage is allowed for transportation?

As a rule passengers are allowed to register one bag or suitcase with weighted up to 20 kilograms and also to take on board hand luggage. It depends on the flight duration and class of the ticket you have bought. It will be better if you will have a look at the norms of luggage transportation in the airplanes of the company you have chosen. There are also common rules of luggage transportation.

What commission do I have to pay for ticket if using your service?

You use our service absolutely free of charge. We just find offers with best prices. The process of ticket ordering is made only by yourself. We do not charge and commissions or fees when you buy or book air tickets.

Which payment method is used to buy air ticket?

Usually payment is made with credit/debit card Master Card/Maestro/Visa/Visa Electron/American Express etc. This procedure depends on the airline company or air ticket office you have chosen.

Electronic ticket peculiarities. Does this order form have any advantages?

When buying e-ticket you are not waiting for it to be delivered and don't print anything but for flight check-in you may use only one document. Information about your booking gets directly to the database of airline company where it is securely kept till the very flight. Sale of e-tickets is modern service. Today, such services have to render airline companies in all countries of the world.

I still have questions on which I haven’t found answers here

If you still have questions, send us e-mail to support@theflight.info.