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Aviation News
Airbus company is getting ready to postpone for later deliveries of some medium-range airplanes in 2023 and applies maximum forces to meet the...
European aviation company Airbus count to “get rid of dependence” of titanium deliveries from Russia in several months, Reuters agency...
EU promises to leave in the past times when passengers after boarding the flight have literally disconnected from external world – the smartphones...
The airplane was handled by turn by three crews. The newest American flying tanker Boeing KC-46A Pegasus made record non-stop flight: it flew 16000...

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Chris Glendinning Smith
Was in back row of seats, so near cabin crew. One came past and asked if I'd like a glass of water before I had even sat down. Very friendly professional cabin crew. I had gluten free meals ordered, they came without the fuss and confusion that that sometimes creates. Cabin was in great...
Not bad, Good prices. ...
Only good for short flights but decent. ...

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We shall tell you how to pass check-in at the airport, to pack your baggage properly, what classes are there in the airliners and how to choose the best seats in the plane.

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Using airplane designs we shall show you those seats where it will be comfortable for you to sit during the flight and point to those seats that shouldn’t be taken.

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