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Aviation News
European biometric The Entry/Exit System that will come into force at the end of 2023 it is hi-tech novelty of the nearest future but forecasts about...
Bombardier is getting ready to increase deliveries for mor than 12% in 2023 till expected 136 airplanes and forecasts income increase for more than...
City Airlines may replace existing short-haul air carrier CityLine because of the trade unions. German aviation group of companies Lufthansa Group...
The biggest and most expensive airplanes Till 2022 the biggest and most expensive airplanes remained Airbus model A380 for $445.6 million and...

Recent reviews
Luke Bordagol
I had an unfortunate encounter with Lufthansa's customer service, which significantly marred my overall experience. I want to highlight that this review pertains specifically to their call center and counter customer service, not their in-flight service. Here's the sequence of events that...
Chris Glendinning Smith
Was in back row of seats, so near cabin crew. One came past and asked if I'd like a glass of water before I had even sat down. Very friendly professional cabin crew. I had gluten free meals ordered, they came without the fuss and confusion that that sometimes creates. Cabin was in great...
Not bad, Good prices. ...

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Our project is designed to help passengers of any airlines. It does not matter where and what airplane you choose to fly!

Information about airlines

Find out more information about the fleet, aircraft and flights of the most popular airlines.

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We shall tell you how to pass check-in at the airport, to pack your baggage properly, what classes are there in the airliners and how to choose the best seats in the plane.

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Using airplane designs we shall show you those seats where it will be comfortable for you to sit during the flight and point to those seats that shouldn’t be taken.

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