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Chris Glendinning Smith
Was in back row of seats, so near cabin crew. One came past and asked if I'd like a glass of water before I had even sat down. Very friendly professional cabin crew. I had gluten free meals ordered, they came without the fuss and confusion that that sometimes creates. Cabin was in great...
Not bad, Good prices. ...
Only good for short flights but decent. ...
Good service, Good Times, Good Food. 1 Issue though, My flight back was a 1 1/2 Hour delay!
Nancy Sancho
The Airbus 330-200 is very uncomfortable for any duration especially 12 hours. Very little seat room especially when the person in front reclines during meal service. The crew weren’t friendly and didn’t respond to the call button after 30 minutes when I simply wanted water. When the attendant...
Terri Lattimore
The flight was horrible. They had passengers pack like sardines. The seats are so close that you have no room to get your bag under the seat without laying in the passengers lap next to you. There is no real consideration about the safety of passengers during this pandemic with social distancing...
Elke Vernon
Seat 24A is a comfortable window seat. Under-seat storage/foot room and leg room is more spacious than on other aircraft. WiFi is available, the seat has a drop-down table as well as a personal device holder at eye level with a USB port right next to it. Signing into the streaming service was easy...
There are no seatback video nor audio, no power outlets, no USB outlets. Entertainment is through the on-board WiFi and your device. The is no cost for the on-board WiFi. If you want internet, then there is a charge. It was a snack only flight. Served was a cheese and fruit tray and warmed nuts...
Tom Schmidt
The seat pitch is a little tight but doable. I like to cross my legs, I could, but it was not comfortable. It was hard for the window seat person to get out; I had to remove drinks from arm rest otherwise would have been knocked over. There was plenty of room to store belongings under seat in...
I live in Portland, State of Maine. During three years (!) I haven’t managed to take off in time with this company never yet. Not me not those who came to me to Portland with this airlines. There are permanent delays on the route New York – Portland. Last time my daughter with grandson has spent in...
Travelled with Ryanair several times, if anyone had problems only because they had to read conditions. It is very convenient that they have quite big hand-luggage I have flown with it for 7 days and have paid nothing additional. Registration was through Internet, boarding pass was printed...
Flown on March 20th 2018 Rome-Amsterdam. The flight was delayed for 20 minutes but we arrived in time. Online registration didn't work and has to come to the airport earlier. The aircraft was in perfect condition, flight stewards are polite, stewardesses are pretty. Charming CPT, often commented...
Jose Angel Matos
This is the WORSE airline I've flown in my lifetime; the seats were cramped, no in-flight entertainment, small tray tables, and having to purchase drink and/or meals during flight. In conclusion, I highly recommend to everyone not fly on this airline at all!
Flight to USA. Previously we were flying with Lufthansa that is why we were leery of Delta. But the airplane wasn’t old, the food was more delicious than on Lufthansa, yes the flight hostesses are not young and behave like common Americans not on job – a little cheekish and not attentive – but they...
Flight Chicago­ ­- Phoenix. The rules are like at low-cost companies, the luggage is for charge only. Seats’ selection as well. Without additional charge passengers that fly together are offered seats in different rows. The food is also for charge. Passengers may register on-line and in self...
Have made a journey lately Warsaw-Bologna and Milano-Warsaw, can only leave a positive feedback. Hand-luggage wasn't measured and weighted by anyone. Have departed in time, take-off and entire flight were perfect, the only thing - landings. they were not quite smoothly, have been nervous a little...
For the first and hope last time I had a journey with Lufthansa to Bologna. Connection was minimal, 40 minutes in Munich. First flight was 15 minutes late despite steward's assurance that we will arrive in time. It's a pity that passengers of other "urgent" flights - to Vancouver, Zurich and...
Airlines employee
Have flown spring from Milano to Paris and back. For a low cost company everything is excellent. Don't understand people who boil over the baggage, food and the key point VISA CHECKING. Cause they have bought tickets for 20 euro. I liked automation, for example lack of registration itself and...
Hugo Henry
Flight from Berlin to London and back. I liked absolutely everything during both flights. Now I don't consider Lufthansa so impeccable ) pilots of BA are just stunning, leather seats in economy class are cozy not hard as in Lufthansa's planes. Excellent Heathrow airport with perfectly planned...
Voirginia Tarver
We flew from SFO to Washinbgton DC and had a connecting flight from Washington DC to Portland, Maine . I would like to make clear that my following complaints do not center on the equipment used nor the flight itself. I am describing the ugly experience I had at the airport waiting for a connecting...