Rules of accommodation reviews


A response is a detailed narration of a passenger and his or her impression about the service of the airline company he or she has used, expressed in the written form.
In the responses, it is forbidden to use vulgar language, to insult other passengers, resourse adminisration, the airline company and its representatives.

Also, caddish behaviour, posting responses/comments/photos with the words and expressions insulting other people’s feelings and dignity, public call for incitement of ethnic hatred are forbidden.

All responsibility for the posted information rests with the autors of the responses and/or comments.

The resourse administration warns that a negative information posted in the response, in the case of its illegality and lack of evidentiary support, can be deemed to be a libel or an act discrediting business reputation of a citizen and (or) a corporation (airline company) and is prosecuted by law.

The project administration is not responsible for the contents and certainty of the messages and does not take part in judgement or any other proceedings between third parties because of the posting messages on the project.

The project administration does not post “paid out” or paid-for responses, also, we do not delete negative responses without the evidence of their illegality. Airline company rating calculates automatically only from the passengers’ assessement, the administration does not have any influence on it.

Rules of response posting:

It is forbidden to post unchecked information or the information given you by third parties(friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.). The response is your personal experience.
When adding a response you should fill in all the required fields attentively.

A great attention should be paid to the “Response” field. You should comment your assessment in a more detailed way. It is advisable to divide your message into logical passages, in other words, the response must contain a detailed opinion about the air carrier considering the following criteria “Sheduled taking off”, “Meals on board”, “Service on board”, “About the airplane”.

Any information that is not related to the service of the airline company (problems in the airport, problems with the tourist operator, with the hotel, etc.) will be deleted.

Uninformative, useless and unreasoned responses will be deleted and will not have any influence on the airline company rating.

All responses pass through the post-manipulation and the administration reserves the right to refuse their posting, to correct or to delete the response without clarifying the reason.

The administration reserves the right to contact you by e-mail, indicated by you in the form of adding the response, in order to check the verasity of your message.

Posting the same responses, driving up the numbers of rating and other actions connected with the goal of promoting/demoting the airline company in a dishonest and intentional way are forbidden.

Those responses that contain on-line chat between webvisitors or other persons who do not possess any information about the airline company will be deleted or revised.

Responses containing advertisement in the direct and disguised form are forbidden. The administration reserves the right to change these rules without informing the users of the project.