Tips for passengers

Many passengers fly by airplanes quite rarely, that’s why they always have questions referring to booking tickets, airport check-in, airline meal specifics, minors’ carriage, etc.

In this section we tried to give detailed and at the same time very simple instructions on most problematic air transport issues.

Also, we answer your questions with great pleasure.

Leave your comments on the topic of any article and we shall try to help you!

About the best seats on an airplane. How to choose a good one?

best-cabin-seatsTo have the most comfortable flight you should book the coziest seats in the airplane.

If you can sit an hour and a half flight pressed a little bit by heavy travel companions, then, the flight, which lasts for 2 or more hours, will be like a nightmare in such conditions.

Besides, the back seats that are not far from the toilets will not be a good choice.

During the long flights the toilets are much used what do not satisfy the passengers sitting nearby.

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Rules of conduct and safety on board aircraft

airplane-flight-attendantYou have never flied by plane and now you are afraid that you will do something wrong during the flight.

Isn’t it so?

You are nervously trying to find the instruction on fasting of seat belts on the Internet, aren’t you?

It doesn’t worth worrying!

The rules of conduct on board aircraft presented in our article will help you to prevent mistakes during the flight.

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I am afraid of flying! How to overcome a fear of flying?
scary-in-planeEvery person fears to fly. It is a well-known fact.

Someone can not overcome this fear and it turns into real phobia that upsets your life, but others can easily master it.

Nowadays planes are the fastest and safest type of transport.

Besides, there are places on the globe where you can get only by airplane.

What should we do if this fear of flight does not allow you to take this great advantage of civilization?

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Comfortable flight: rules of luggage transport on the board aircraft
flight-luggageUnfortunately, there are no unified rules of luggage transportation that can be used all the time.

You should not think that once you read the rules of luggage transportation of one airline company you can use it flying by other airline companies.

The rules of luggage transportation depend not only on the airline companies, but on the receiving countries too.

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Travel class. What are they and how they differ?
airplaneclassWhen buying an airplane ticket you may choose the class of service that will have an influence on your comfort during the flight.

In this article we shall try to study out how all classes differ from one another and what services each of them offers.

Surprisingly enough, but there is no absolute answer to this question. Everything is absolutely individual.

The woman whose pregnancy proceeds not so well must not fly by plane.

Besides, gestational age and trip time should be taken into account.

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Is it safe travelling by plane while pregnant?
airplaneclassIt goes without saying that there is not always a positive answer to the question – “may pregnant women travel by plane or not?”.

This case is individual and depends on how the pregnancy proceeds, on gestational age, on the woman’s state in general.

According to some doctors’ opinion, it is not recommended to fly in the case if the gestational age is not above 12 weeks.

Firstly, there is a high probability of termination of pregnancy and secondly, (for those who suffer pregnancy sickness) – these will be the most unpleasnt moments in their life.

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Airport check-in. How to сheck in at the Airport?
airplaneclassFlight check-in procedure is like an entrance examination at university – as you start so you finish.

During the registration you must show your documents, get the sacred boarding card and register everything that will burden you, i.e. your luggage.

In fact, registration is your first examination which actually always guarantees you a smooth enplanement in case of its successful passing.

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