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El Al (El Al) is national transport operator of Israel. Port of registration of the company is Ben Gurion International airport in Tel Aviv. Date of foundation corresponds to data of Israel foundation – 1948.

Route network of the airline company counts about 50 destinations all over the world. Annual passenger traffic is about 4-5 million people.

El AL is considered one of the most secured airline companies in the world. It is because of the continued conflict in Gaza Strip and permanent danger of terrorist activities that also include hijacking.

After the only case of hijacking in company’s history that took place in 1968 unprecedented safety precautions have been taken:

1. All airplanes are equipped with steel floor that separates baggage compartment from passengers.

2. Entrance in the cockpit is protected with additional door with coded lock.

3. On the board of each flight are always present Aviation Safety officers with weapon. Their number may reach 6 people. All of them are from purpose-built army units.

4. All crew members (pilots, fly attendants) attend special courses of close fight and personal defense also they have special behavior skills in emergency situations.

5. Most of the pilots in Israeli airlines are military pilots.

6. Prior the flight all passengers go through additional verification procedures and are often isolated from passengers from other flights in special “airside”. For example, in
Domodedovo all El Al flights depart from the gate 12 that is separated with glass fencing.

7. Luggage is also carefully surveyed, careful attention is paid to passengers that are not Israeli citizens.

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Company ratings and achievements

3-Star-Airline_150 3-STAR airline by SKYTRAX, represents fair quality of services.
SKYTRAX is a United Kingdom-based consultancy, which runs in 1999 the leading international Airline Rating system classifying airlines by the Quality of front-line product and staff service standards.
"El Al" takes 61 place in "AIRLINE SAFETY RATING 2019" by JACDEC.
Jacdec (from 1989) has become a global source for professional and accurate aviation safety information for the benefit of companies, aviation professionals and individual travellers.
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“El Al” airplanes

As of January 8, 2024 "El Al" operates a mainline fleet of 45 airplanes, 1 more are ordered. The average age of planes is 12.5 years.

The oldest aircraft is Boeing 767-300, with reg.number 4X-EAJ. It is 27.5 years old. The newest one is Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, with reg.number 4X-EDI. It is - 0.1 years old

“El Al” aircraft fleet. Photos and seatmaps

Boeing 737-800 – 15 aircrafts

El Al Israel Airlines Boeing 737-800

  • The newest one – 4X-EKL - 9.6 years
  • The oldest aircraft – 4X-EKA - 20.0 years

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Boeing 737-800 +
Boeing 737-900ER – 8 aircrafts

El Al Israel Airlines Boeing 737-900

  • The newest one – 4X-EHI - 2.8 years
  • The oldest aircraft – 4X-EHA - 5.3 years

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Boeing 737-900ER +
Boeing 747-400 – 4 aircrafts

El Al Boeing 747-400

  • The newest one – 4X-ELD - 19.7 years
  • The oldest aircraft – 4X-ELA - 24.8 years

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Boeing 747-400 +
Boeing 767-300 – 4 aircrafts

El Al Boeing 767-300

  • The newest one – 4X-EAL - 19.0 years
  • The oldest aircraft – 4X-EAJ - 27.5 years

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Boeing 767-300 +
Boeing 777-200 – 6 aircrafts

El Al Boeing 777-200

  • The newest one – 4X-ECF - 11.4 years
  • The oldest aircraft – 4X-ECA - 18.0 years

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Boeing 777-200 +
Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner – 8 aircrafts

  • The newest one – 4X-EDI - 0.1 year
  • The oldest aircraft – 4X-EDA - 1.5 years

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Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner +

Official website – www.elal.co.il