About the best seats on an airplane. How to choose a good one?

About the best seats on an airplane. How to choose a good one?

The sky, an airplane, a young lady… Oh, no, we shall not speak about a book and even not about a film, but about ideal conditions of flight. We shall discuss ideal flight conditions not only for young ladies, but for all passengers of the airplane.

You must admit that this factor is of great importance for those people who often fly because to sit, for example, in the middle row pressed from both sides by a heavy travel companion is not a very pleasant thing. Or, you may have a seat in the back row where there may not be a window and a folding seat and the next-door lavatory (constant motion and other minuses) does not let you feel comfortable.

In order to have a pleasant time during the flight you should know where the best seats in the airplane are.

If you know the airline company and the exact model of the airliner you are going to fly by visit our website division “The best seats in the airplane” with design.

If you do not find the information about your airplane or you do not know what model your plane is you can find general recommendations for yourself in this article.

In any case, we consider it is worth reading.

The seat near the window

If you plan to sleep or read you will need a good light; in this case the seat near the window is the best choice.

Firstly, no one will go to his or her place passing through your place, thus you will not be disturbed.

Secondly, you will have a great possibility to admire the clouds and their wonderful forms will not let you be bored in case of short-time flight.
Of course, it depends of the flight time; at night you will be hardly able to see anything.

It is more difficult to go somewhere from this seat; to the lavatory, for example.

You will have to disturb next to you passengers.

Cabin aisle seat


It is very comfortable because you may spread your legs out the aisle, go anywhere you want without disturbing anybody, go to the lavatory, and also you have the possibility of getting off the plane earlier when it lands.

Passengers and cabin attendants with service trolleys will pass near you. Sometimes they may walk into you. Also, you will have to stand up each time when next to you passengers want to go anywhere.

These are less quiet seats.

Seats in the middle – neutral seats

These are neutral seats. They have both pluses and minuses of the seats near the window and cabin aisle seats. It is quieter here than in the cabin aisle and it is easy to go somewhere from this seat than from the one near the window.

Anyway, you will have to let one passenger go out of his seat if he wants. Besides, you will have to ask another passenger to stand up if you want to go somewhere.

Emergency exit/escape hatch seats.



They are characterized by a longer distance to the next row what allows you to have a comfortable flight – you can spread your legs, go wherever you want not disturbing the passengers near you.

Some airplanes do not have seats in front of the row with emergency exit/escape hatch seats at all.


Often airline companies, thinking about safety, leave certain seats for those people who refer to the demand model “A sound mind in a sound body” – they consider that in case of emergency evacuation such kind of person will not lose courage, he will be able to open the emergency escape hatch and help the aircraft personnel to evacuate people, but, of course, this configuration is not done by all aircompanies.

As a result, passengers with children, animals and elderly people should not have these seats.

One more minus is that the way to the emergency escape hatches must not be blocked by the hand luggage.

The seats in front of emergency escape hatches in these rows

These seats usually have only minuses – very often the seat row has fixed back of seats or the seats with limited recline back. It is done like this in order not to block the ways to the emergency escape hatches.

The seat row that is in the section between two emergency exits also has a plus. In this case you will have an additional space (it can be seen in the photo above, where the passengers have their seats).

The seats in the front part of cabin


Typically, the meal is served beginning from the front part of the aircraft, so that front rows offer comfort and variety of choice in drink and food.

As a rule, if the seat is in the back part of the aircraft the passenger has a limited choice in food and drink selection (all food and drink is selected by the passengers in the front part of the plane). Besides, the first row – is the best opportunity to come off the plane first.


These seats also have bad sides – often there are holds for cots in front part and the passengers with small children may have their seats here.
It is not a way to feel comfortable in flight, if you are going to work or have a rest.

Who has flown next to the passenger with a child, who cannot bear the flight well and all 7 or 12 hours cries, he knows what it is.

Seats in the back of plane


The only and most important advantage of this seat is its safety. According to the USA statistics, 67% of all survived passengers in crashes were sitting in the back of the plane.

But if the airport is not equipped with the passenger boarding bridges, then it happens that passengers are let out or in from both front and back parts. If this happens you have a great possibility to leave the plane faster.

I would like to mention that an unloaded flight of an airplane has empty seats in the back. That’s why you can comfortably sleep on three seats at once. You can find this information in our article.

The first seat row/the row without seats in front


If you have a seat in the first row (it can be not only “the first row” physically, but the first row after another class of service, or the row in one part of an airplane cabin where there are no seats in front) the most important advantage you have is that nobody will recline the back of his seat to you.

It can be of great importance in the conditions of short distance between the rows of economy class.

As for disadvantages, it should be mentioned that probably you will have a bulkhead web or galley/lavatory in front of you. Some passengers do not feel comfortable to gaze at the “wall” during all the flight.

Also there, can be holds for cots on the wall. Why it is a disadvantage – read the above information.

The last seat row/ the row that does not have seats behind

It is more likely that this row has no reclining seats or they are with limited recline back. Such situation can be when there is an emergency exit, lavatory, galley, another maintenance space or a wall behind you.

Let’s sum up

Here is, in short, the list of good/bad seats that a traveler may have. But it should be mentioned that interior aircraft layout essentially differs one from another and this factor also must be taken into account.

Besides, the seats can be 2, 3, 4 in a row, that’s why consideration must be given to the distance between the seats, the number of classes in the cabin and other peculiarities. It is because the one and the same company uses different models of airplanes for flights.

Recommendations. How to reserve the best seats


1. The model of the liner, all details about the cabin amenities (TV set and electrical outlet availability, the space between rows, lavatory location) can be easily found out on the site of the airline company or on our website. See the section – the best seats in the airplanes.

2. If you definitely know what seat you would like to have, you can address this question at the airport flight check-in (the unfilled seats by online registration are distributed there). If you know nothing about the seating, ask for aircraft configuration – all the unfilled seats will be shown in a special colour.
Also, at the airport flight check-in you may just ask for the seat at the window, for the aisle seat and other seats you like. Usually the personnel are ready to help.

3. In modern airports CUSS Kiosks are at your disposal and you can choose a seat for yourself. Also, this procedure is almost always available at online registration on the website of the airline company chosen by you – that will definitely save your time. The same service has been already offered by the largest Russian airline companies. For more detailed information read our article – online check-in.

It is better to have the traditional way of check-in for two hours earlier before the flight. If the process of check-in is done like this, then the first passengers who passed check-in control have a great opportunity to choose the seat they like.

4. If it is possible use less loaded flights – in this case you have a possibility to have a more comfortable flight, because you (as you wish) will be able to sleep on three vacant seats (for more details consult our article – the best seats when the flight is not loaded).

Sunday and Friday are the most loaded flight days of the week, especially in the morning and in the evening. If there is enough time at your disposal choose midday or afternoon flights on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

5. It is necessary to take into account the flight direction – if you choose the right seat the sun will not dazzle you – East – West (the sun always shines from the left side); West- East(from the right side). If you have to fly by morning flight the sun will dazzle you from the left side (North – South) and from the right side (South- North).

How accidentally not to take the worst seats

  • Study the configuration of the airliner you are going to fly by, if there is such an opportunity.
  • Consult the airline company representatives, if you have such a possibility.
  • Before the flight make clear for yourself what is more important for you – to look through the window or to go anywhere you need, for example, to the toilet.
  • While studying the cabin arrangement, choose optimal seats following the same recommendations we have given in this article.
  • Don’t take seats in the back of the airplane, near the toilets, aircraft galley and other maintenance spaces.
  • Take reclined seats and don’t take the ones with limited recline back
  • Don’t take the seats between emergency exits or the seat behind it

However if you didn’t get a comfortable seat

If you were given a ticket for an uncomfortable seat, then, immediately after you got on a plane you have some minutes in order to find a more comfortable vacant seat(if there are unfilled seats, of course).

By the way, it is better for you not to hesitate but change your seat by yourself and not to wait for stewardess’s help.

After the last passenger gets on a board and the stewardess announces “Boarding is over”, you have 5 minutes in order to take a comfortable vacant seat.

There is little time left because when the airplane obtains the flying speed it will be forbidden for passengers to stand up.

After the airplane obtains the flying speed there is a strong possibility that the most comfortable seats will be filled by quicker and cuter passengers. Anyway, don’t worry about this. It is never too late to take your real seat (according to the ticket).

But, however, it is better to choose the most comfortable seat immediately after the flight check-in.

Have a nice flight and a soft land!