Airbus A320-200 Vueling. Photos and description of the plane

To the project of Airbus A320 airplane were introduced a lot of technological innovations.

Airbus A320 became the first passenger airplane on which Fly-By-Wire system was installed. Advantage of this system consists in the fact that computer with preset program controls many airplane parameters, for example doesn’t allow exceed in angle of attack or in overload. In the airplane is installed digital avionics EFIS of Thomson CSF Company. Airbus A320 also uses relatively high percent of composite materials as compared to previous models.

Airbus A320-200 is put into operation by 2 turbo-jet engines CFMI CFM56-5B or IAE V2500 with the thrust from 113 kilo Newton to 120 kilo Newton each.

Photo Airbus A320-200 Vueling. High quality fotos

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