Airbus A320 Air Malta. Photos and description of the plane

Models of Airbus A320 have different variants of installed engines.

On the type of the engine installed depends serial number of modification. For instance: on Airbus A320-211 are used engines CFM56-5A1, but model A320-211 is completed with engines IAE V2500-A1 and so on.

As compared to other aircrafts in its class, A320 has wider cabin, significant cargo space with big doors for loading and unloading simplification. But low price of exploitation and technical maintenance is attracting factor for low-cost airline companies. For example, American low-cost Airline Company JetBlue Airways Corporation located in New York acquired for their air fleet 233 such airplanes. Among other low-cost carriers with significant orders for A320 are Britain EasyJet Company Limited and Malaysian Air Asia.

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