Airbus A321 Aegean Airlines. Photos and description of the plane

Airbus A321 Aegean Airlines. Photos and description of the plane

Airbus Industrie has developed two modifications of the airplane Airbus A321: Airbus A321-100 and A321-200.

First test aircraft Airbus A321-100 with engine V2500 has made first flight on March 11th 1993 and in May has made first flight airplane with engine CFM56. Certificate of the airplane with engine V2500 was obtained in the middle of December 1994 and in January 1995 Lufthansa received first airplane Airbus A321-100.

In February 1994 was finished certification of Airbus A321-100 with engines CFM56; deliveries of the airplanes began in March 1994.

For reference, airplanes with engines V2500 have designation A321-130 and with engines CFM56 – designation A321-110.

Initial modification of the Airbus – A321-100 couldn’t create competition to the full to American airplane Boeing 757 that is why in 1994 German company DASA member of the Airbus Industrie consortium has initiated creation of modification with increased takeoff weight and flying range.

New variant was offered to airline companies that serve long-haul flights in European region and also non-stop flights that connect East and West coasts of the USA.

Photo Airbus A321 Aegean Airlines. High quality fotos

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