Airbus A321 EasyJet. Photos and description of the plane

Airbus A321 EasyJet. Photos and description of the plane

Airplane Airbus A321 is elongates version of Airbus A320.

A321 was engineered by Airbus Company in 1994. Production and commercial use of the airplane continues till today. Passenger cabin of Airbus A321 may have different number of seats depending on configuration.

In case of two-class configuration (business and economy class) airplane offers 185 passenger seats; in case of one-class configuration (only economy class) – 220. Airbus A321 in two-class version is the most popular.

Airbus A321 is narrow-bodies medium-haul passenger airplane. The peculiarity of the airplane is its’ construction that by 20% consists of composite materials. This allowed increasing significantly durability of the A321 body, especially during overloads and in extreme weather conditions.

Photo Airbus A321 EasyJet. High quality fotos

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