ATR 72 Air Europa. Photos and description of the plane

ATR 72 Air Europa. Photos and description of the plane

ATR-72 is high-winged airplane with two jet-prop engines and t-shaped empennage.

The length of the ATR 72 is 4.5 meters, bigger wing span as compared to previous model ATR 42, increased gear leg, bigger volume of fuel tanks (approximately by 10%). Besides on the airplane are installed more powerful jet-prop engines of the same manufacturer (Pratt & Whitney Canada) PW127F. The props are the same six-bladed like on the 500’s version of the airplane ATR-42.

Weight-lifting capacity is increased on the average from 5450 kilograms (for ATR 42) to 7050 kilograms. And of course ATR 72 takes more passengers up to 75. Flying characteristics are approximately comparable to ATR 42. The maximum altitude is increased to 7500 kilometers. All these characteristics are indicated for airplane ATR-72-500. Namely this version is being produced at present moment.

Photo ATR 72 Air Europa. High quality fotos

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