Boeing 757-300 United Airlines. Photos and description of the plane

Boeing 757-300 United Airlines. Photos and description of the plane

“United Airlines” operates 21 aircraft Boeing 757-300. For the first time about beginning of the work over the Boeing 757-300 airplane, Boeing company has informed on aero show in Farnborough in September 1996.

The body of new model was elongated by 7,15 meters. Baggage capacity was increased to 123,6 tones and flying range to 6400 kilometers. On this aircraft is installed digital complex EFIS produced by Rockwell Collins. Data are displayed on six many functional screens.

Boeing 757-300 has made first flight on August 1998 with further certification in January 1999. And in March 1999 first commercial Boeing 757-300 was delivered to airline company Condor that used it on routes with high passenger traffic and also for replacing out-dated McDonnell Douglas DC-10. Besides Condor company, operators of Boeing 757-300 became airline companies Northwest Airlines that today makes part of Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, American Tran Air, Icelandic airline company Icelandair and Israeli airline company Arkia Israel Airlines.

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