Airbus A319-100 Iberia. Photos and description of the plane

Airbus A319-100 Iberia. Photos and description of the plane

“Iberia” operates 14 planes Airbus A319-100. Development of the airplane Airbus A319 began in 1990.

First flight of the experimental aircraft A319 took place on August 25th 1995. In the end of March 1996 certification process was finished but in April first airplane A319 was delivered to airline company Swissair.

In order to better satisfy requests of the ordering customers are constructed versions of Airbus A319 with engine IAE V2500. With this regard versions equipped with engines CFM International CFM56-5 have got designation A319-110 but airplanes with engines V2500 – designation A319-130.

Exists also designation A319 Jetliner with flying range up to 6300 nautical miles (11700 kilometers) for rich customers.

The airplane is equipped with digital complex electronic hardware EFIS similar in composition to Airbus Industry A320. It is constructed in series since 1995. To the middle of 1997 have been sold 147 airplanes (with engines CPM56 and V2500) and delivered about 30.

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