Airbus A320-200 Air Canada. Photos and description of the plane

Airbus A320-200 Air Canada. Photos and description of the plane

“Air Canada” operates 42 aircrafts Airbus A320-200. Airbus A320 is short- and middle-range aircraft. Flight distance is 6150 kilometers.

In airplane construction are widely used advanced light-weighted composition materials that decrease the airplane’s weight. The wing of A320 have optimized design. A320 is the first airplane in civil aeronautics in which fly-by-wire (FBW) system is used. As compared to mechanical system in FBW system airplane is handled by electronic signals. This system shifts focus from pilot to automation providing stability in the air, increases flight’s evenness, undertakes many control functions significantly reducing pilot’s job.

Cabin of A320 is with good reason considered one of the most comfortable in the world among aircrafts of this category. Besides, the space over the passengers’ heads is significantly increased and it allows to have big overhead bins for hand luggage. Airbus is equipped with passenger and service doors. The noise that comes from the airplane is reduced a lot.

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