Airbus A321-200 JetBlue. Photos and description of the plane

Airbus A321-200 JetBlue. Photos and description of the plane

“JetBlue” operates 63 aircrafts Airbus A321-200. In April 1995 German airline company Aero Lloyd ordered first airplanes that got designation A321-200.

First flight Airbus A321-200 has made in December 1996. Airplane is equipped with digital complex electronic hardware EFIS similar to complex installed on Airbus A320. Airbus A321-200 is constructed in series from 1996.

From the base model Airbus A321-200 differs in presence in the tail cargo section of additional fuel tank of 2900 liters capacity and more powerful engines that allowed to increase flying range.

Airbus A321 is two-engine airplane with central passage in the cabin, 4 passenger exits and 4 emergency doors. Airbus A321 may accommodate maximum 220 passengers. In common two-class version (2+2 seats in the business class and 3+3 seats in the economy class) the cabin accommodates 170 passengers. Course speed of Airbus A321 is 900 kilometers per hour. Medium flying range is 5000 kilometers. Depending on the cabin version with additional fuel tank the airplane may cover the distance of 5600 kilometers.

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