Airbus A330-900 TAP Portugal. Photos and description of the plane

“TAP Portugal” operates 16 aircrafts Airbus A330-900. About Airbus A330-900 Airbus company has announced in 2014 during the exhibition in Farnborough where this model was presented for the first time.

This airplane has a lot of peculiarities but they are mainly concentrated on ecological compatibility and reduced fuel consumption.

Airbus A330-900 Neo consumes by 14% less aviation fuel that of course influences the cost of air carriage, hazardous substances emissions is reduced about by 17% that makes flights not only more ecologically clean but also may find more support from some independent international environmental organizations. Passenger capacity of the Airbus A330-900 Neo is 310.

First airline company that has placed order for 50 airplanes Airbus A330-900 Neo was AirAsia X. First delivery is planned for 2018 and the amount will be a little less than 14 billion USD.

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