Airbus expects appearance of the airplanes on 100% sustainable air fuel to the end of the decade

Airbus expects appearance of the airplanes on 100% sustainable air fuel to the end of the decade

Aviation may face serious problems if in the field will not be made decarbonization in timely manner. Such opinion was advanced by Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury in the interview to CNBC. According to his opinion hydrogen-powered aircrafts represent “the best decision” in middle- and long-term perspective.

Faury named number of directions of Airbus activities for the nearest years: first of all, European aircraft-industry consortium will aim at modernizations of the company’s airplanes in order to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. At present moment Airbus certifies airplane that is capable to use 50% of the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) that is received by conversion of the biomass or non-organic components. Use of such fuel reduced greenhouse gas emission and has low carbon footprint.

Airbus CEO believes that to the end of the current decade airplanes will be able to fly on 100% sustainable aviation fuel. In the future company will strive to launch to the market hydrogen-powered aircraft. He added that commercialization of the technology will require more engineering and research work and also significant capital investments.

Last week the CEO of International Air Transport Association (IATA) Willy Walsh informed that provided the state aid will be granted, by 2025 production of the sustainable fuel will reach 7.9 billion liters per year that will allow satisfying only 2% of total need of the industry in the fuel. To the middle of the century, according to the estimations of the association, production will grow to 449 billion liters or 65% of the market need. He marked that for the passengers this will result in rising cost of the air tickets almost twice due to more expensive fuel cost produced of renewable sources as compared to traditional air kerosene.

In October of the previous year the head of the Ryanair airline company Michael O’Leary declared that there is no technology capable to replace traditional aviation as of yet. He marked that doesn’t expect appearance of hydrogen fuel earlier than in 2030. In September 2020 Airbus presented concepts of three passenger airplanes that use liquid hydrogen instead of kerosene. First commercial flights are planned for 2035.