Airbus helicopter made first flight on 100% ecological fuel

Airbus helicopter made first flight on 100% ecological fuel

Helicopter Airbus H225 made first flight in the history on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) with which one of the engines Safran Makila 2 has been filled. The flight took place on the territory of headquarters of the manufacturer in Marignane. It became first in the series of flight tests directed to studying influence of 100% SAF on helicopter’s systems the aim of which is certifications of SAF use in the proportions that exceed existing permissible concentration of 50%. This informs Airbus Press Service.

“Now Airbus helicopters are certified for the flights with the use of 50% mixture of SAF with kerosene. Our intention is to gain certification of our helicopters for the flights on 100% sustainable fuel in the nearest ten years. Today’s flight is important first step on this way”, – Stefan Thome, Executive Vice President, Engineering and Chief Technical Officer of the Airbus Helicopters marked.

Flight trials that have been preceded by bed tests of the SAF fuel on helicopter engines Safran at the Bordeaux plant will help to better understand technical tasks for future use of 100% sustainable fuel. Helicopter H225 made test flight on unadulterated SAF derived from used food oil and presented by Total Energies company. It allows to reduce CO2 emissions by 90% as compared to common aviation kerosene.

“SAF is important element of the general decarbonization strategy of Airbus Helicopters as it provides immediate reduction of CO2 emissions not influencing negatively helicopter’s characteristics, – Mr. Thome added. – I thank our partners Safran Helicopter Engines and TotalEnergies for cooperation. Thanks to them today’s flight took place. To solve the tasks that have to do with all-round SAF introduction and also for achieving real progress in reduction of CO2 emissions in aviation is necessary further cooperation between all players of the industry”.

For promoting use of the ecological fuel Airbus Helicopters created group of SAF users (SF User Group) that united operators of helicopters. Company also started to use sustainable aviation fuel for training and test flights on the plants in France and Germany.