Airline company Qatar Airways brought action against Airbus because of the painting defects of A350. Part 2

Airline company Qatar Airways brought action against Airbus because of the painting defects of A350. Part 2

One of the reasons why this defect is so much spread in Qatar Airways is climate conditions in which the airplanes are operated in the region of The Persian Gulf for example significant differences of temperatures between parking and flight on the cruising level. The second problem – detachment of the paint from the fasteners – is also known in Boeing: American manufacturer faced this defect on the airplanes B-787 with high application of composites.

Airbus affirm that these defects are structural and do not influence flight worthiness of the airplanes. However, president of Qatar Airways Akbar al Baker doesn’t agree with Airbus definition of such defects as “cosmetic”. “We don’t have information whether this defect is or is not a problem for air worthiness, – Al Baker argues. – And with this conclusion agree inspectors of European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) who hold meetings with our regulatory agencies”.

In the last declaration Qatar Airways explains that “court action was initiated in order to make sure that Airbus will start to solve our legal claims with no further delays. We ate sure that Airbus should hold thorough investigation of this problem in order to determine real reason of the defects. Without precise understanding of the reason of cover condition degradation Qatar Airways cannot determine for sure if offered solution will eliminate the reason of the defects”.

In EASA, however, in the beginning of December commented that “Airbus determined the reason of problem with painting. The process of airplanes’ painting was optimized and additionally have been taken measures in accordance with the investigation results.”

“Attempt of this customer to present this matter as danger for flight worthiness is a danger for internationals flight safety protocols”, – Airbus answered.

Qatar Airways informed that they have suspended operation of 21 airplanes A350 to the order of the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA). Totally the fleet of the airline company has 34 A350-900 and 19 A350-1000. Also is placed firm order for 23 A350-1000 (and 50 A321neo) and deliveries has to continue in December. Airline company has explicitly declared that they suspend deliveries.