Airport slots are saved for airline companies. Part 2

Airport slots are saved for airline companies. Part 2

Ongoing uncertainty that has to do with potential second wave of coronavirus pandemic and also existing restrictions on journeys caused slump in demand from the part of passengers – IATA message says.

This, in turn caused slower return of European air transportation. According to the association’s data volume of passenger air traffic in July reduced by 79,6% as compared to previous year. Nevertheless, this index is better than June fall by 86,6% caused first of all by reduction of internal airline service in Russia and China, IATA marks.

Further delays in taking decision paralyzes scheduling process of winter season and will increase expenses for all parties, ACI Europe CEO Olivier Jankovec considers.

A4E Executive director Thomas Reinhart marks that considering permanently changing restrictions it is essential that upcoming winter schedule would provide passengers maximum predictability. Only refusal of the rule of slots’ loss for entire season will allow to avoid flights of empty airplanes (that airline companies had to make in order not to lose slot), makes conclusion regional IATA vice president in Europe Rafael Schwartzman.

Earlier IATA informed that many countries, including China, Brazil, Mexica, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand refused this rule for winter season 2020 (October 2020 – March 2021).