Flight Chicago­ ­- Phoenix, flight Chicago, Il-Phoenix, review about American Airlines

Airbus A321-200
Airplane rating:
Direction: Chicago, Il-Phoenix
Date 2018-11-01
1 persons (1 adults)
Flight number: ---
Reg number: ---
Seats: ---

Flight Chicago­ ­- Phoenix...

Flight Chicago­ ­- Phoenix. The rules are like at low-cost companies, the luggage is for charge only. Seats’ selection as well. Without additional charge passengers that fly together are offered seats in different rows. The food is also for charge. Passengers may register on-line and in self service machine in the airport. The same machines are used for self-registration and for paying for the luggage and it may also print boarding pass if it wasn’t done during on-line registration. Then luggage check in (fast), verification of the documents and inspection (quite fast), boarding according to sectors. It is interesting that there were no sneaky passengers that were taking on board big bags under the pretence of “it is my handbag”. By the way, calibration stand was ready. Airplane A-321, first class full-fledge seats but we haven’t managed to get there because it was sold-out when we were buying the tickets, economy class – enough legroom but that’s all. Ticket price includes snacks and two serves of beverages (non-alcohol). For those who want to eat and drink more are offered sandwich-burgers, whiskey, beer and wine for additional fee. Take-off and landing on schedule. The luggage was discharged quite fast. Interesting American peculiarity ­­­– in the shuttle that goes to rent-a-car parking got on almost half of passengers of the flight.