It was a US domestic flight, flight Salt Lake City, UT-Dallas, TX, review about American Airlines

McDonnell Douglas MD-82
Airplane rating:
Direction: Salt Lake City, UT-Dallas, TX
Date 2016-04-05
1 persons (1 adults)
Flight number: AA 2510
Reg number: ---
Seats: ---

It was a US domestic flight...

It was a US domestic flight. in comparison with other airlines (United, Delta) this one is the worst.1.Less comfortable online check-in 2.Extra razor-sharp attention during baggage weight-in. If the weight of the bag is a bit above half a kilo, you’ll ask to take out this half; I had 250gr left so they asked me to take out this “overweight”. United and Delta didn’t say anything for 1 pound overweight. 3. No courtesy at all. United and Delta usually give a badge or something. 4. Less accessible system of information during landing. In general, if you have a choice, AA has no advantages at all. Aircrafts at domestic airlines are MD and Embraer. (Competitors have Airbus and Boeing-717). US Airways merged with AA has the same negative sides (one and the same), no difference between them