Our flight was in march, 2016, flight Los Angeles-Las Vegas, review about American Airlines

Airplane rating:
Direction: Los Angeles-Las Vegas
Date 2016-03-03
1 persons (1 adults)
Flight number: ---
Reg number: ---
Seats: ---

Our flight was in march, 2016...

Our flight was in march, 2016. Had some troubles with self check-in in LA. Too many people in Terminal 4, infinite checkout lines, ONLY self check-in. Yes, we were a bit fussy, as we had a subsequent flight in Las Vegas. Seat with the luggage more than 114cm - $25, if the bag’s size is S – it’s a carry-on baggage. Baggage fees are paid only with credit card during check in. Very rigorous baggage check, any kind of liquids is thrown away: lotions, etc. Free tea and coffee during the flight. LA-Las Vegas flight time is about an hour, the time flashed by. Chief stewardess is elderly, two others are young man and woman. Our baggage was perfectly safe and quickly unloaded: by the moment other passengers reached the baggage delivery area, all the bags had been unloaded. Flight for such a low price ($283 for 4 flights) – splendid.