Boeing 767-200 Aer Lingus. Photos and description of the plane

“Aer Lingus” operates Boeing 767-200. The year of the first flight of the Boeing 767-200 is 1981.

Wide-bodied long-haul airplane Boeing 767-200 became the first aircraft of new generation of passenger airplanes that started to be used on the flights at the beginning of 1980th. Also Boeing 767-200 became the first two-engine airplane that was able to serve transatlantic routes between Europe and America without stops.

Airplanes Boeing 767-200 came into operation in 1982. Since 1984 airline companies also use airplanes Boeing 767-200ER (version with increased flying range). Later Boeing corporation has constructed bigger models of airplanes of 767 series: Boeing 767-300 and Boeing 767-400.

249 airplanes Boeing 767-200 and Boeing 767-200ER have been totally constructed. They are used on low-loaded air destinations of 9000-12000 kilometers distance.

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