Boeing 787-8 Air Europa. Photos and description of the plane

Boeing 787-8 Air Europa. Photos and description of the plane

For today airplane Boeing 787 has 3 active modifications.

Boeing 787-8 is the base modification of the airplane. Initially this model was positioned as replacement for outdated Boeing 767 and also as more fuel efficient competitor for the Airbus airplanes.

Boeing 787-8 is able to transport from 210 (in two-class configuration) to 250 passengers (in three-class configuration of passenger cabin). Commercial use of the airplane began in 2011.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner is wide-bodied jet passenger airplane. Aerodynamically airplane represents low-winged aircraft with normal scheme with single-fin empennage. The main peculiarity of this airplane is the fact that during construction are widely used composite materials. So, the airplane’s body, wing and flaps on 50 % consist of carbon based composite that provide body integrity and lightness.

Avionics provides pilots with all necessary information. So the data are displayed on special screens that show all flight data, location map, approach patterns and so on.

Photo Boeing 787-8 Air Europa. High quality fotos

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