Boeing deliveries in January increased twice, Airbus deliveries reduced by one third

Boeing deliveries in January increased twice, Airbus deliveries reduced by one third

In traditionally low January American aviation company Boeing delivered to Customers twice more than in January 2020. Growth of the number of deliveries is caused by resume of operation of Boeing 737 MAX after 20-months idle time. Nevertheless, number of deliveries is significantly lower than in 2019 when customers received 46 new airplanes. Manufacturer has also registered four new orders for cargo version of the airplane Boeing 747-8.

Deliveries of narrow-body airplanes of MAX family is the key element in the plan of financial recovery of the corporation this year as coronavirus crises weakened demand in the most profitable segment of wide-body airplanes. Out of 26 deliveries in January 21 are Boeing 737MAX airplanes, four more wide-body airplanes and one patrol antisubmarine aircraft P-8 Poseidon (737-800A).

Despite the order for four cargo airplanes Boeing 747-8 from airline company Atlas Air after all cancellations order stock of orders reduced by two units. Contracts for two Boeing 737MAX have been cancelled (per one from Czech Smartwings and undisclosed operator), three Boeing 747-8 (from Russian group Volga-Denepr) and one Boeing 787-8 (from Royal Jordanian), Boeing informed.

European competitor Airbus marked that in January 21 airplanes supplemented fleets of 15 operators (to compare: 31 deliveries in January 2020, 39 in January 2019). Last month manufacturer delivered to customers 3 airplanes A220, 12 – A320neo, 4 – A320ceo and one – A350. Thus, the tendency of the previous year of the reduction in deliveries approximately by one third continued in January of the current year. Commenting results of the previous year, Airbus marked that they are in the framework of “adaptive plan” developed by the manufacturer last year as answer for crises.

In January of the current year Airbus hasn’t received new orders (one year earlier – 274 orders). There were no cancellations of already signed contracts as well.