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Alton Hodson
Boeing 777-200
Airplane rating:
Direction: London-New York, NY
Date 2016-04-05
1 persons (1 adults)
Flight number: ---
Reg number: ---
Seats: ---

We flew with this airline to...

We flew with this airline to US. Came back two days ago. Controversial about the service. Having read positive reviews about the company, we decided to try. We were disappointed with the fact that all the aircrafts (London-New-York) passed their best. I put 3 to the on-board meal. During transatlantic flight you get food in an hour after taking off and an hour before landing (tea+sandwich or baked roll…) Crew’s behavior was awful. Stewardesses were constantly fussing around, slamming the microwave’s doors, disputing with each other, walking around the cabin like elephants in china shop. And they never smiled. It was always the feeling of a bear play. The service was fulfilled without order. Some rows were missed; the meal was brought hastily later. Alcoholic drinks were not offered. Some passengers approached the stewardesses, who must be well over 40, asking for it... Personally, it was my first experience of such poor service. Fly back from New-York to London was delayed for one hour…. We were afraid to miss the subsequent flight and were nervous about it. The food was bad. Friendly polite crew. Hit the turbulence in an hour after taking off. Alcoholic drinks offered on board: wine, whiskey, beer. The landing was at time. Regarding luggage: carry-on rates are liberal, can’t be said for the baggage – one bag for one passenger up to 23kg. If exceeds, please, pay for it. We decided this flight with British Airlines was the last one for us. Of course, this is a subjective opinion. I still prefer Lufthansa. Sometimes their food sucks, but everything else is on point. And their aircrafts were always spanking new, and it’s a great pleasure to be the passenger on such aircraft.