Centenary European airline company will dismiss all employees

Centenary European airline company will dismiss all employees

Czech Airlines plan to dismiss all 430 employees due to coronavirus pandemic consequences, writes Seznam Zpravy newspaper.

European airline company with almost centenary history that was founded in 1923 made such decision due to financial problems. Earlier it asked for state support in amount of 1,1 billion Czech koruna (more than 51 million USD). However, the Ministry of Transport, Industry and Trade of Czech Republic claimed that they are not ready to provide support to the company.

Czech Airlines have already notified about their intentions labor exchange and trade unions. It is known that during some time company employees seated without work. Airline company cannot count on government’s support as it is stock company.

Earlier CEO of aviation giant Airbus Guillaume Faury declared that additional compulsory retirements of employees will be necessary for saving the aviation consortium. In July of the previous year Airbus have already declared their intention to dismiss 15 thousand employees all over the world.

One of the biggest European airline companies – Air France is also forced to resort to mass dismissals. In the nearest 2 years carrier intends to dismiss about 7,5 thousand jobs. Another aviation giant – German Lufthansa, also got ready to mass dismissals. Without job may remain tens of thousands of people. The company considers that in new reality excessive will be about 26 thousand positions.