Doctors advise travelers with children to choose night flights

Doctors advise travelers with children to choose night flights

Those who plan going to Holiday with children should prefer night flights because during the sleep child will endure the flight easier.

Just before the flight parents shouldn’t show children movies that contain scenes with air accidents in order not to intensify the child’s psychic setup.

In order to reduce pain in the baby’s ears that ay appear during take-off and landing of the airplane they should be given a bottle with water or juice but older children should be offered candies or beverage.

If the child often gets sick during preparation to the trip it should be showed to pediatric physician, undergo necessary medical tests and have preventive medical examination. Besides, it is preferable to visit dentist because affected teeth may represent a lot of problems not only for the child but to all passengers.

Parents should also take a small first-aid set that must contain anti-febrile medicine, nasal drops, cures for intestinal disorders, burns, hurts, insect stings; antihistamine medicines, hygienic cotton and bandage.

Also, when going to a trip you should remember that for visiting some countries all family members must be vaccinated.