Embraer delivered 198 passenger airplanes in 2019

Embraer delivered 198 passenger airplanes in 2019

Brazil aviation company Embraer delivered to customers 198 passenger airplanes in 2019 – informs Embraer press service.

Among all delivered airplanes according to company data 89 airplanes were commercial (67 airplanes E175, 5 airplanes E190, 3 airplanes E195, 7 airplanes E190E2 and 7 airplanes E195E2) and 109 more airplanes belonged to the segment of business aviation (62 airplanes of small dimensions and 47 business jets of big dimensions) the Company marked.

In such a way, according to Embraer data, number of passenger airplanes delivered in 2019 increased as compared to 2018 by 9%. Just to compare: in 2018 manufacturer delivered 90 airplanes, including 1 airplane E170 (that is not produced anymore), 67 – E175, 12 – E190/E195 and 4 – E190-E2. Earlier Embraer representative told that production of the airplanes of E-Jet E1 family will reduce gradually. Reduction will start from the models E190/195 while a lot of orders for E175 that are of high demand on the market of US regional flights still remain.

Final number of delivered airplanes appeared to be within the limits of the forecast – company planned to deliver in 209 from 85 to 95 airplanes to commercial aviation and from 90 to 110 business jets.

As to the fourth quarter, Embraer delivered during this period 35 commercial airplanes and 46 business jets.

As to December 31st 2019 backlog of firm orders of the Company was estimated in 16,8 billion USD.