Experts told how air travel rules will change after pandemic

Experts told how air travel rules will change after pandemic

When tourists will start travelling again but airplanes will start to fly, air tickets may become significantly more expensive than this summer, experts consider. Probably price increase will become temporary solution for which air carriers will opt to increase their profit and avoid bankruptcy. Increase in tariffs will contribute also bankruptcy of some airline companies that analytics anticipate.

Besides, as experts consider some time after pandemic termination airplanes will fly half empty. The middle seat in the row of three will not be sold so passengers could keep social distance, executive director of one of European airline companies Johan Lundgren says. According to his words, menu will become more ascetic and communication with the crew team will reduce.

Boarding, most likely will take much more time: first the cabin will enter passengers whose seats are located in the tail of the airplane. This will allow to exclude their contact with passengers who will be seating in the front part and to reduce potential risk of contamination.

Tourists will treat passengers with cough or looking ill more careful, stewardess Darling Sain supposes. Such passengers must have a mask considers stewardess.

However, experts do not exclude that mask will become mandatory attribute both for crew members and air passengers.