First Britain airline company allowed passenger to fly without masks

First Britain airline company allowed passenger to fly without masks

On the routes of Britain airline company Jet2 was cancelled mandatory requirement to wear personal protection equipment within the restrictions introduced due to pandemic – The Times informs.

Nevertheless, company representatives marked that in accordance with epidemiologic situation during the flights they recommend to continue wearing masks.

At the same time despite gradual removal of “anti-COVID” restrictions other airline companies do not plan to change requirements in any way.

“We will have masks with us for a long time. If that is the price that we have to pay for the next several years till Summer, it is not a high price”, – informed representative of low-cost company RyanAir.

Earlier was informed about the airplane of the airline company American Airlines that turned back in the middle of Atlantic Ocean because of troublemaker who refused to put on mask. Limited is Britain low-cost airline company that performs regular and charter flights from Great Britain. The company is the third biggest airline company in Great Britain after EasyJet and British Airways. The main hub and headquarters of the airline company is Leeds Bradford Airport.

Jet2 is subsidiary of Dart Group plc company that performs aviation services. Airline company began to work in 1983 under the brand Chanell Express and initially was cargo carrier, from 2001 airline company started to make passenger charter flights using Boeing airplanes on close and medium-range international directions.