In January Europe will remove prohibition on Boeing 737 MAX flights

In January Europe will remove prohibition on Boeing 737 MAX flights

Europe is going to remove ban on the flights of Boeing 737 MAX airplane in the Old World after USA regulatory authorities cancelled 20-months ban for operation of this airplane in USA.

737 MAX is updated version of turbo-jet passenger airplane Boeing introduced into service in 1960’s. In United States commercial flights of the airplane should resume on December 29th.

Patrick Ky, the Executive Director of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) declared on Saturday, November 21st that 737 MAX “is now safe for flights after changes in airplane’s construction”. According to his words, European aviation experts assured of this after making on inspections and flight tests. “All these researches tell us that 737 MAX may return back to work. We began to take all necessary measures for this. Apparently that in our case we will take decision that will allow airplane to return to operation in January”, Ky said during his speech at Paris Aviation forum, aviation online conference organized by La Tribune newspaper.

How much time will be necessary to resume flights in Europe depends on pilots’ training and time that airline companies need to update software and making other actions required by EASA.

EASA represents 27 countries of European Union and four more countries, including Norway that ordered from American aviation corporation 92 airplanes 737 MAX. Till December 31st agency also represents United Kingdom that withdrew from European Union in January.