Indigo Airline Company placed first order for 300 airplanes of A320neo family

Indigo Airline Company placed first order for 300 airplanes of A320neo family

Indian Airline Company IndiGo placed firm order for 300 Airbus airplanes of A320neo family. It is one of the biggest orders for Airbus airplanes that have ever been fulfilled by one operator, Airbus press service informs.

This order of IndiGo Airline Company includes airplanes A320neo, A321neo and A321XLR. This contract will increase total number of orders for airplanes of A320neo family from Airline Company IndiGo up to 730 units.

IndiGo is one of the most quickly growing air carriers in the world. From the moment of receiving first A320neo in March 2016 its fleet of the airplanes of A320neo family increased up to 97 aircrafts that work in one fleet with 128 airplanes A320ceo, – the company marked.

“As to the airplanes A321XLR it is next evolution step in the development of A321LR airplanes that meets market demands, including increase of necessary useful load thus creating big value for airline companies. Airplane will provide unprecedented flying range up to 4700 nautical miles (8700 kilometers) showing by 30% less fuel consumption for one seat as compared to airplanes of previous generation from competitors”, – Airbus marked.

According to the data to the end of September 2019 Airbus received orders for more than 6650 airplanes of A320neo family from almost 110 customers all over the world.

IndiGo is the biggest low-cost airline company in India. In the first quarter 2019 IndiGo took third place in the volume of International passenger traffic among Indian airline companies ceding leading positions only to Air India and to bankrupt for today airline company Jet Airways.