LCI signed agreement for delivery of six helicopters H175 from Airbus

LCI signed agreement for delivery of six helicopters H175 from Airbus

LCI, leading lease aviation company and subsidiary company Libra Group announced order of six extra-medium helicopters H175 from Airbus for the amount of more than 125 million USD.

Order includes two confirmed helicopters and the first H175 should be delivered to LCI at the end of 2023. Agreement specifies additional option for 4 machines and is based on previous LCI order for new H175.

Jaspal Jandu, LCI CEO says: “Airbus H175 is universal multi-purpose helicopter and this order will help to keep wide range of LCI products. This last capture in our partnership is an important element of our long-term strategy of growth and demonstrates our confidence on the market of helicopters lease”.

Bruno Even, Airbus Helicopters CEO says: “LCI is longtime and valuable partner of Airbus. As leading lease provider and operator of Airbus helicopters, their resumed commitment to H175 demonstrates market force and its recovery after pandemic”.

LCI fleet at present moment has about 50 Airbus helicopters and airplanes. They are operated by 14 operators in 10 countries of the world for fulfilling some tasks, including emergency medical service, search and rescue operations and works in the area of offshore wind power.

H175 for the first time came into service in 2015 and unites possibilities of long flying range with impeccable flight performance, useful load and comfort in the cabin. It is multipurpose extra-medium helicopter that may work in various configurations.

LCI has constantly increased scale and capitalization, diversifying with time. Highly experienced team of leasing company’s managers established strong relations with manufacturers of the airplanes and engines, customers and leading financial institutes.

From the moment of its creation in 2004 LCI has made transactions of aviation markets for more than 8 billion USD.