4 with minus. Would give 5, flight Boston-Moscow-Boston, review about Lufthansa

Airbus A330-300
Airplane rating:
Direction: Boston-Moscow-Boston
Date 2017-01-01
1 persons (1 adults)
Flight number: ---
Reg number: ---
Seats: ---

4 with minus. Would give 5...

4 with minus. Would give 5 points but my luggage was lost. It was returned to me in 4 days. (4 days without opportunity to change clothes on vacation is awful !!!) We bought tooth brushes but you can't buy all things that you took with you on vacation... So 4 lost days of vacation out of 10, it is a lot. The bag was returned but with broken handle. My things were safe. Flown Boston-Munich-Moscow. And back Moscow-Frankfurt-Boston. Everything was accurate, smoothly and in time. Plane were clean and the meals and beverages beyond all praise. On-board service was perfect and landings were soft. As mentioned below don't take short connecting flights moreover if you are flying though Frankfurt. The airport is huge, a lot of time goes for security check and to find the gate . Next time I will also use their service. If not taking the lost bag into consideration, I've had very good impression.