Extremely Disappointing Customer Service Experience, flight Frankfurt-Orlando, review about Lufthansa

Luke Bordagol
Airbus A330-300
Airplane rating:
Direction: Frankfurt-Orlando
Date 2023-08-05
2 person (2 adults)
Flight number: ---
Reg number: ---
Seats: ---

Extremely Disappointing Customer Service Experience

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I had an unfortunate encounter with Lufthansa's customer service, which significantly marred my overall experience. I want to highlight that this review pertains specifically to their call center and counter customer service, not their in-flight service. Here's the sequence of events that transpired: 1. Failed Online Booking: When attempting to purchase two tickets on their website, the site froze upon clicking "purchase." No success page was displayed. 2. Immediate Contact: In response, I promptly called the airline to clarify the situation. They assured me that no flights had been booked. 3. Successful Booking on Expedia: To secure our travel, we successfully purchased the tickets through Expedia. 4. Unexpected Charge: Shockingly, a week later, an unexplained charge of $3500 appeared on our credit card from the initial unsuccessful Lufthansa booking. 5. Unhelpful Customer Service: Contacting Lufthansa, I was informed that it was too late to cancel the flight. Despite our numerous attempts to resolve the issue, the customer service representatives seemed uninterested in assisting, consistently deflecting responsibility. 6. Disputed Charge: We sought resolution through Amex, but our efforts were futile due to a lack of proof for the original call. 7. Airport Frustration: Upon arrival at the airport, we encountered further frustration. Lufthansa's representatives continued evading responsibility, resulting in wasted time and no resolution. 8. Traveling with Extra Seats: Ultimately, my wife and I were left traveling with four seats, a predicament that was entirely avoidable. In retrospect, it is evident that Lufthansa's customer service approach is deeply flawed. Their apparent lack of concern for the considerable inconvenience and financial burden placed on customers raises serious questions about their commitment to providing satisfactory service. Regrettably, this ordeal has left an indelible mark on our perception of Lufthansa. We unequivocally will not consider flying with them again in the future. Disheartened and Disillusioned, Luke B.