For the first and hope last, flight London-Bologna, review about Lufthansa

Airbus A320-200
Airplane rating:
Direction: London-Bologna
Date 2018-07-29
1 persons (1 adults)
Flight number: ---
Reg number: ---
Seats: ---

For the first and hope last...

For the first and hope last time I had a journey with Lufthansa to Bologna. Connection was minimal, 40 minutes in Munich. First flight was 15 minutes late despite steward's assurance that we will arrive in time. It's a pity that passengers of other "urgent" flights - to Vancouver, Zurich and other were met at air stairs and taken to boarding gates on urgent basis. Despite the fact that till the departure of my flight remained only 20 minutes, I was offered to go to regular bus to terminal. Terminal was the same but the boarding gate with such a short connection was located in the opposite side of the terminal! G70! In one word I have missed the transfer. I was offered to stay overnight till the morning flight or flight to Florence. Agreed for second variant than with taxi and train have got home. Poor attitude of the airline company, I agree with one of the comments - don't buy flights with connection of less than 1.5 hours. Don't trust Lufthansa.