Flown the route, flight Barcelona-Ibiza, review about Ryanair

Andrew and Kate
Boeing 737-800
Airplane rating:
Direction: Barcelona-Ibiza
Date 2018-04-10
2 person (2 adults)
Flight number: ---
Reg number: ---
Seats: ---

Flown the route...

Flown the route Barcelona-Ibiza. We have never seen such a gross out attitude from part of company. When we have asked at luggage pay-office where should we go, we have been just ignored after repeated question we were given the receipt back, speaking offensively in English, so there is no question of help from the part of Ryanair personnel. Most of the airport staff with Ryanair badge didn't speak English or didn't want to. you may forget about a smile or kindness. service is very slow, you will always have to wait on line. on the board there is no kindness from crew members as well, we paid for round-trip tickets for two persons together with luggage 250 euro. low quality of services rendered by this airline company has upset a lot, we were not waiting for any swank but such a treatment we were not going to endure neither. we decided not to use return ticket and went by boat without any pain in the neck. will not use their services again.