Scientists determined who is afraid of flying the most. Part 1

Scientists determined who is afraid of flying the most. Part 1

Tenth part of developed countries’ citizens experience intense fear because of flights. This fear is cold aerophobia and is treated with therapeutic methods.

According to statistics almost 85 per cents of passengers feel uncomfortable and it is ok. Person cannot stay calm in unusual external conditions that cannot be controlled. It is not pleasant to be closed in aluminum capsule on the ten thousands altitude when outside is minus 55 degree and rarefied atmosphere.

Approximately 10% of people have such strong fear of flying that causes reduction of life quality. In this case are talking about aerophobia.

This problem have representatives of both genders elder than 20 years. Though aerophobia is known from the middle of previous century when air transportation became mass till today is still unclear how this condition appears and who is in the risk group.

During aerophobia person feels entire complex of fears that began before boarding in the departure lounge. People are afraid of sealed space, discomfort, bad service on the board, bad quality meals, tiresome passengers, troublemakers, yelling children, lost of luggage, flight delay, aircraft hijacking by terrorists and even harm to ecology because of engines’ operation.

The strongest fear up to panic attack appears on the board if the airplane is going through turbulence zone or during bad weather. The passenger’s heartbeat quickens, the breath is heavy and appears sweat.

Being aware of the own fears some people refuse to fly or reduce to minimum number of flights. Some people try to abstract themselves from the thoughts about airplane, take calmatives, and drink alcohol. These artificial methods cannot counter aerophobia.