Seat map Airbus A320-200 TAP Portugal. Best seats in the plane

Seat map Airbus A320-200 TAP Portugal. Best seats in the plane

Airbus A320 operated by TAP Portugal offers 156 seats.

Seat map of the Airbus A320 (320)

Seat Map Airbus A320 Tap Portugal

Depending on the demand this airplane may either transport only passengers of economy class or have maximum 42 executive seats.

Executive seats are located in the first 7 rows per 6 seats in each. The main disadvantages of the seats of the 1st row are: limited space for passengers legs and location of the galleys and lavatory in front.

Economy class consists of 21 rows of seats that have 3-3 configuration.

Because of the exit row located behind the seats of the 9th row are less reclining that standard.

Due to location of the seats of the 10th row between two exit rows these seats offer extra legroom to passengers and at the same time have limited recline.

Passengers of the seats of the 11th row will take advantage of extra legroom. These seats are considered the best seats.

The only disadvantage of the seats of the 14th row is the fact that these seats are not reclining at all.

Passengers tend to congregate in the area of the seats 27C, 27D and 28ABC, 28 DEF in order to visit lavatories located behind and thus causing discomfort to passengers of these seats. In addition the seats of the last 28th row are less reclining or not reclining at all that is why these seats are considered bad seats.

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