Seat map Boeing 737-700 “Delta Airlines”. Best seats in the plane

Seat map Boeing 737-700 “Delta Airlines”. Best seats in the plane

Boeing 737-700 may accommodate 124 passengers in 3 classes. It is mainly used by Delta Airlines during short-haul flights inside the United States or to Canada. It is also used for long-haul flights to South and Central America.

Seat map of the Boeing 737-700


First Class of the Boeing 737-700 airplane has 12 seats located in 2-2 configuration. The seats of the 1st row have restricted space for passengers’ legs and have no floor storage during takeoff and landing. Close location of the galley may be bothersome for the passengers of the seats 1C and 1D.

Economy Comfort class has 18 seats that have 3-3 configuration located in 3 rows. The seats of the 10th row are considered the best seats as passengers of these seats may feel comfortable due to the extra legroom as in front of these seats there is no bulkhead, but just a curtain. However, the seat width is reduced as the armrest is immovable and there is no floor storage during takeoff and landing.

The seats 13A and 13F have no windows. These seats are Preferred Seats and may be selected by Delta Medallion members when booking or later. These seats become available for other passengers during check-in.

The seats of the 15th row may not recline or have limited recline as behind these seats emergency exit is located.

Passengers of the seats of the 16th row may take advantage of extra legroom in front. These seats are reserved for Delta Medallion members.

The seats 17A and 17F have additional legroom die to the missing seat in front but as tray tables are located in the armrests the width of these seats is reduced. These seats as well as other seats of 17th row have limited recline. Delta Airlines considers these seats preferred seats that may be selected by Medallion members during booking process or afterwards.

Proximity to the lavatories may cause inconvenience to passengers of the seats 27C and 27D and of the last row. Also the seats of the 28th row may have limited recline or may be not reclining at all.

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