Seat map Boeing 787-8 “American Airlines”. Best seats in the plane

Seat map Boeing 787-8 “American Airlines”. Best seats in the plane

Boeing 787-8 is one of the most recent acquisitions of American Airlines Company.

Seat map of the Boeing 787-8


Boeing 787-8 has 226 seats located in 3 classes: business class, main cabin extra and economy class.

Business class has 28 flat bed seats situated in 1-2-1 configuration in 7 rows. The seat 1A and the seats of the 5th and 6th rows are located close to the galleys and lavatories and this may cause inconvenience to passengers of these seats.

All 48 seats in Main Cabin Extra are standard. Only the seats in the 8th row are narrower than other as tray tables are built in the armrests making them immovable.

Economy class of Boeing 787-8 may accommodate 150 passengers. Proximity of lavatories may be bothersome for passengers of the seats 17C and 17J and of the 18th row.

Close location ofthe seats of the 19th row to the lavatories and the galley may be uncomfortable for passengers of these seats and of the seats 20D, 20E and 20H. All these seats, except 19A and 19L have extra legroom. However, all the seats of the 19th row have no under seat storage.

The seats 26A, 26L and 27A and 27L have misaligned windows.

The seats of the last 30th row of this airplane are considered the worst seats as they may have limited recline and are located close to the galleys.

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