The price of the most expensive business-jet in the world was announced

The price of the most expensive business-jet in the world was announced

Aerion Company will create most expensive business-jet in the world. Consultation services and engineering support will be rendered by Boeing Company.

American aviation start-up Aerion announced first data about the cost of business-jets of new generation. For passenger airplane of new generation in the cabin of which may comfortably accommodate up to 12 people American aviation companies will ask 120 millions USD from each.

Impressive amount will be taken from the Customer for performance – cruising speed of the airplane will make 1.4 M that according to the opinion of engineers will reduce duration of transatlantic flights by three hours.

Aerion is not planning huge series as in case of wide-body airplanes. Also American industrialists cannot boast with impressive characteristics – with declared speed business-jet will be able to fly on distance of only 7800 kilometers while main competitors – airplanes Global 7000 and Global 7000 from Bombardier – 13520 and 14631 kilometers correspondingly. Both flying machines cost about 60 millions USD.

Aerion and Lockheed engineer business-jet AS2 for several years now. According to their plans passengers on the board of this airplane will be able to fly from Los Angeles to Sydney in comfortable conditions only within two hours. The airplane may accommodate 8-12 passengers but the cabin may be designed after the Customer’s desire. The airplane will come into the market in 2023.

For the last several years Aerion was working with huge air manufactures. In the terms of aerodynamics Aerion negotiated with Airbus. To solve problems with engineering supersonic engine company addressed to GE Aviation. Lockheed Martin became the last big partner of the company. All further steps from remained projecting to construction companies will go through together.