US airline companies faced deficit of new airplanes Boeing and Airbus

US airline companies faced deficit of new airplanes Boeing and Airbus

American airline companies that already experience difficulties due to shortage of pilots and spare parts deficit faced another problem – lack of new airplanes against delays in deliveries from Boeing and Airbus.

Aviation companies delay deliveries of the new narrow-body airplanes that are often used on domestic flights in USA and other short-haul routes. With this regard airline companies cannot increase number of flights in order to satisfy growing demand and plan their schedule, mark top managers of the companies and industry officers. “Our team is very difficult to plan”, – Executive Chairman of the Bboard of Directors of Southwest Airlines Gary C. Kelly said.

Boeing representative informed that company cooperates closely with the suppliers in order to fulfill obligations in front of customers.

Boeing except problems with the deliveries also faces regular difficulties with airplanes 737 MAX. Company is waiting for approval from Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) on their operation to the end of 2022.

Representatives of Airbus management also informed that they work over regulation of the problems with delivery chain.

Delays with Boeing deliveries are especially notable for United Airlines that during current year expected to receive 53 narrow-body airplanes of the company against expansion plans, however as on August it received only seven new airplanes.

Airbus stocks from the year beginning reduced in price by 20.6%, Boeing stocks by 37.6%.