Which passengers are considered the most valuable for flight attendants

Which passengers are considered the most valuable for flight attendants

When passengers enter on the board of the airplane the steward’s task is not only in placing your luggage and find your seat. For crew members is important to determine potentially dangerous and the most helpful passengers in the airplane. Let’s see which passengers flight attendants are glad to see the most.

Of course, everyone likes politeness, that is why crew members most likely will take fancy to those passengers who are friendly and thankful. However, passengers pay attention not only to this.

Crew members are trying to find among passengers strong men. One of the flight attendants told about this. “I think it is clear why good physical form is necessary: in case of necessity they will be able to open emergency exit or to move a person. It is better to offer seats to such passengers near emergency exits. If we manage to find out that among passengers are fire fighters or lifeguards, they may be offered seats near emergency exits as well”.

Also flight attendant explained that helpful passengers during work team of the airplane names “passengers-assistants”. And it is better if such passengers travel without their families.

“Passenger-assistant in theory may help in case of evacuation. Of course, if passenger is travelling with family and children, it is unlikely he will be thinking about saving anyone except his family members.”

Apparently exist passengers for which are never offered seats near emergency exits.

“It is prohibited to offer seats near emergency exits to passengers with children, pregnant women and passengers with reduced mobility”. It is due to the fact that slow reaction or panic may cost lives of other passengers. That is why it is so important who will seat near emergency exit.