Airbus A318-100 Air France. Photos and description of the plane

Airbus A318-100 Air France. Photos and description of the plane

“Air France” operates 18 aircrafts Airbus A318-100. Airbus A318 supplements the line of airplanes of A320 family. It is the smallest representative of this family.

The body of Airbus A318 is 2.39 meters shorter than the body of A319. The number of passenger seats is 107. In modified versions the number of seats may be more. With its appearance (from 2003) Airbus covers entire segment of airplanes of this class with number of passenger seats from 100 to 200. Because of small dimensions this model of airplane is more designed more for low loaded routes of medium and short distances.

As it was mentioned A318 belongs to A320 family together with A319, A320 and A321. It is the line of narrow-bodied aircrafts. Their peculiarity consists in the fact that among narrow-bodied airplanes on the market they have the widest body. It is an absolute advantage that allow accommodation in the cabin wide and comfortable seats. A318 has wide passenger and service exits in the fore and tail parts of the airplane which simplifies passenger flow and service.

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