Bombardier BD-500 CSeries CS100 Swiss Airlines. Photos and description of the plane

“Swiss Airlines” operates Bombardier CSeries CS100. The year of the first flight of Bombardier CS100 is 2013.

Family of narrow-bodied passenger airplanes Bombardier CSeries is constructed by Canadian aviation company Bombardier for use on medium-haul flights with small passenger flow.

Airplanes of Cseries should take the empty niche among 50-90 seats by regional airplanes (such as CRJ family) and long distance aircrafts Boeing 737 and Airbus A-320 that may transport 130 passengers.

CSeries family will consist of two base models: CS100 (capacity in various variants from 100 to 125 passengers) and CS300 (from 120 to 145 seats). Each of these models will have modifications with increased flying range (CS100ER and CS300ER). In the construction of these airplanes will be widely used composite materials. Increased comfort to passengers should provide wider seats , higher ceilings in the cabin, big luggage shelves and big windows opposite each seat.

First flight of the airplane CS100 took place on September 16th 2013, in February 2015 CS300 got-off the ground.

More about age of the each airplane:

Photo Bombardier CSeries CS100 (BD-500-1A10) Swiss Airlines. High quality fotos

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