Seat map Airbus A319-100 Easyjet. Best seats in the plane

Seat map Airbus A319-100 Easyjet. Best seats in the plane

Airbus A319 operated by EasyJet contains 156 economy class seats.

Seat map of the Airbus A319 (319)

Seat Map Airbus A319-100 EasyJet

The seats of this airplane are divided by exit rows into three sections. All the seats have 3-3- configuration.

First section includes 9 rows of seats . The seats of the first row are designated by EasyJet as XL seats that offer to passengers extra legroom. To book these seats an extra fee must be paid. These seats provide passengers with such advantages as priority in check-in and boarding process. Among disadvantages: the noise from galley and lavatories that are located close to these seats and reduced width of these seats as they tray tables are built-in the armrests making them immovable. Also passengers inform that the seat 1A is colder than other seats.

The seats of the 10th roware located between two exit rows. This is the second section. These seats as well as the seats of the 11th row are designated as XL seats the price of which is a little higher because these seats have extra space for passengers’ legs and passengers of these seats will be among first to board. These seats are considered the best seats on the airplane.

The third section has 16 rows of seats.

The only disadvantage of the seats 25C and 25D is proximity of the lavatories.

Missing windows, limited or no recline and close location of the lavatories make the seats of the last 26th row bad seats.

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